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Not R-ara, Not S-ara. It's T-ARA hairstyle.

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T-ara Members Picture/ Image.
T-ara, pronouced as "ti-ara", is a South Korean girl group formed by Core Entertainment in 2009.  Before the group's official debut, they had already garnered lots of attention as they were called the Super Rookies. Prior to their debut, the group had been preparing and training for a period of no lesser than 3 years. With some structural, the present strength of the group is 7. Current members are Boram, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon, Qri and the newly added Hwayoung.

The group started out with their single "LIES", which brought them to attention of the public. But what really brought them into real stardom and high popularity was "Bo Peep Bo Peep" in their first full length album, Absolute First. On music shows, T-ara had many fallen in love with them with their cute yet sexy performance for the song. And also, with its catchy tune and cute nature of the song, it quickly became one of the most popular song around. Even till now, many are performing it for variety shows as it had already left such a strong impression in their minds already.


  • Original name is Jeon Bo Ram.
  • Korean name is 전보람.
  • Born on March 22, 1986.
  • Leader, Vocalist    
  • Released two digital singles in April and November 2008 respectively, before debuting with T-ara.
  • T-ara's third leader.
Boram always had short hairstyle. Given that she has a petite figure, her short hairstyle made her look cute. It also makes her image look more youthful, especially with several group members that are much younger than her.

Korean Group T-ara member Boram with short hairstyle for girls.

A typical korean hairstyles for girls would be short hair as worn by Boram(T-ara) here.

Cute Boram from T-ara in pinned-up hairstyle. Suitable for girls.

  • Original name is Lee Ji Hyun.
  • Korean name is  이지현.
  • Born on December 12, 1986.
  • Sub Vocalist.   
  • Same birthday as member Eun Jung.
  • Acted in the TTL (Time to Love) music video as the female lead alongside Geonil of Supernova, who was the male lead.
Qri always have a pretty girl look. Her sense of fashion and styling has always been perfect, which is the reason why she always looked so beautiful even when she is not on television. With her long hair, it gives her a more feminine look which had made her more lovable and cute!

T-ara member Qri with long korean hairstyle.

T-ara with a common korean women hairstyle.

Cute korean hairstyles with accessories. T-ara Qri.

  • Original name is Park In Jung.Korean name is 박인정.
  • Born on October 5, 1987.
  • Main Vocalist.    
  • Supposed to be a member of Girls' Generation, but left before their official debut.
  • Came first in the 2005 CMB Chin Chin Song Festival.
Soyeon is a very talented girl, and with such a great looking face, its hard not to notice her. Soyeon is very talented in singing. Her voice simply captivates every audience who is watching her performance ( which is why she is the main vocalist of the group ). She is also very talented in variety show, where her actions and words often amused everyone on the show.

T-ara Soyeon with short hairstyles for girls.

T-ara Soyeon with cute hairstyle for comeback.

Short wavy hairstyle worn by cute girl Soyeon from T-ara.

  • Original name is Ham Eun Jung.
  • Korean name is 함은정.
  • Born one December 12, 1988.
  • Lead Vocalist and Rapper    
  • Acted in drama Coffee House and Dream High and the movie White.
  • T-ara's second leader until 2010.
Eunjung is one of the more popular figure in T-ara. As they said, do not judge a book by its cover, we should not judge Eunjung by her cute and pretty looks as well. Eunjung is a Taekwando blackbelt 3-dan. UNBELIEVABLE! Her popularity will definitely increased as she start taking part in more shows and movies.

Images and photo of T-ara EunJung.

eunjung t-ara looking cute with short hairstyle for women.

Eunjung from T-ara.

  • Original name is Park Sun Young.
  • Korean name is 박선영.
  • Born on May 30, 1989.
  • Main Vocalist, Rapper    
  • Modelled before debuting.
  • Acted in drama My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, and also a permanent cast member of KBS2 TV's Invincible Youth.
Hyomin is one the funnier member in T-ara. During her time in Invincible Youth, she always made the audience laugh with all her funny actions and comments. Teaming up with SNSD's Sunny and MC Shinyeong, Hyomin had created a adorable and well-liked image of her by everyone. Furthermore, her career with definitely grow by alot being on We Got Married series.

Hyomin with cute, long and wavy hairstyle for women and girls.

Hyomin posing as girl with cute tied-up hairstyle.

T-ara Hyomin in show with Snsd Sunny.

  • Original name is Ryu Hwa Young.
  • Korean name is 류화영.
  • Born on April 22, 1993.
  • Lead Rapper.
  • Her twin sister is Ryu Hyoyoung was originally recuited to be in T-ara, but was placed in the group Co-Ed School.
Hwayoung is one of the youngest member in the group. Despite this, she had already gained lots of supports from fans that had loved T-ara. Even though she was the youngest, her character is rather matured for he age as she took care of her "sons" with so much love in Hello Baby!. LUCKY BABY!

T-ara latest member hwayoung, with long korean hairstyle accessorised.

T-ara Hwayoung. In a long korean hairstyle.

T-ara hwayoung and twin sister.

  • Original name is Park Ji Yeon.
  • Korean name is 박지연.
  • Born on June 7, 1993.
  • Vocalist.    
  • Acted in dramas Soul, Master of Study, and Jungle Fish 2 as well as movie Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp and Jungle Fish 2 Movie Version.
Jiyeon's looks had always been compared to South Korean Actress, Kim Tae Hee, as both of them do look really alike. Despite being primarily a singer, she had took part in many television drama, movies and even joined a variety program as a permanant cast.

Korean hairstyles women: Jiyeon Long straight look.

T-ara Jiyeon Park with long layered hairstyle for album cover.

T-ara Jiyeon with cute girl hairstyle for hit song "YAYAYA" comback.


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