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4minute left! Hairstyles up for grabskorean celebrity hairstyles, 4minute

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korean celebrity hairstyles, 4minute 

minute is a South Korean girl group consisting of 5 members. The group debuted in mid June 2009, with their hit songs "Hot Issue" and "Muzik". 4minute rised to popularity as their songs' catchy tune and wonder stage performance attracted many to fall for their charisma.

One interesting fact is that 4minute member, Hyuna, was actually an ex-Wonder Girl member. She was pulled out of the group by her parents due to bad health conditions. Subsequently, she was assigned to 4minute and her popularity never decreased ever since. She had became one of Korean's most attractive idols.
  • Original name is Nam Jihyun (남지현)
  • Born on January 9, 1990
  • Leader, Vocalist
The feminine and lovely Jihyun, always has long hairstyle. Common looks are hairstyle with waves at the ends, such that it gives her a girlish or princess look. Such hairstyle is perfect for girls who want to have a cute yet matured image. In Asia, this one of the more popular hairstyles for girls.
4minute ji hyun with korean female hairstyles.

4minute ji hyun in a korean short hairstyles for girls, long hairstyle.

Celebrity ji hyun of 4minute with a korean wavy ,long hairstyle

  • Original name is Heo GaYoon (허가윤)
  • Born on May 18, 1990
  • Main Vocalist
Gayoon as a member of 4minute had no doubt contributed much to the success their rise of fame and status by both her vocals and characteristic looks. With her hairstyle, she looks really stylish and matured. Definitely an icon when it comes to korean female hairstyle.
4minute gayoon wearing curly hairstyles. korean female hairstyles

4minute gayoon in a long korean hairstyle, which is a cute korean hairstyles for girls.
4minute gayoon with korean hairstyle for girls.


  • Original name is Jeon JiYoon (전지윤)
  • Born on October 15, 1990
  • Lead Vocalist, Rapper
Jiyoon's recent looks are all consisted of short women hairstyle. Her hairstyle gives her a strong image, most probably due the the short length of her hair. Despite the strong looks, she would still look charming. Such hairstyle are suitable for career-minded people, who likewise doesn't want a long hairstyle or need a refreshing change.
jiyoon 4minute with typical korean short hairstyles for girls. 
jiyoon 4minute looking cute with a korean hairstyles for girls 
jiyoon 4minute with a korean layered hairstyle.


  • Original name is Kim Hyuna (김현아)
  • Born on June 6, 1992
  • Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist
The ex-Wondergirl. The lovely and adorable Hyuna had evolved from past cute character, as we had seen in her role in variety show Invincible Youth, to the gorgeous Hyuna performing comebacks in "Mirror, Mirror". Whatever her hair color is, or whether her hair is styled straight or wavy, she never fail to catch the eyes of anyone.

4minute hyuna long, korea, layered hairstyle.

4minute hyuna  in korean curly hairstyles for girls.

4minute hyuna in long korean hairstyle

  • Original name is Kwon SoHyun (권소현)
  • Born on August 30, 1994
  • Vocalist, Rapper
Cute is the word to descibe the youngest member of 4minute, Sohyun. For the past ablums, she has been sporting a short hairstyle, which had really suit her better.  Short hair is perfect for her big eyes, and round face. It just makes her look cuter. This korean hairstyle is suitable for younger girls who have face shape similar to Sohyun.

Sohyun, 4minute, in typical korean short hairstyles for girls.

sohyun 4minute with korean wavy hairstyle.

sohyun 4minute  in a cute korean hairstyles for girls

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