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Beauty and the Honda Super Cub price "crisis"

Honda Super Cub 110 in Vietnam is estimated to cost over 120 million!

Contrary to the statement "we do not want to see more cars Cub" Honda, in 2009, the famous motorcycle brand from Japan suddenly introduced Business Super Cub 110cc version.

Produced only limited to 8000 units, 110cc Honda Super Cub design retains the traditional style. However, full details on the new cars are made with advanced technology and most modern Honda.

May notice improvements in technology of the Super Cub 110 through a system of steel tube frame instead of the new bearing type steel stamping body panels traditionally associated. Besides the newly created sheet plastic crank "skin" for both medium weight 110 Super Cub. Not only that, the vehicle also looks "fuller", softer and more modern lines formed by nature trifles. The entire suspension system was improved by tube type shock absorbers springs for the front wheel cylinders and rear suspension has a longer journey which will bring comfort when operating on bad stretch of road.

The traditional design details of the Honda Super Cub was Honda's engineers recreated the 2009 version through the round headlights with multi-faceted space enhanced lighting. Triangular clusters seat with thick foam layer, a chromium-plated fixtures and the goods passes to the position as the hind legs are still in the design stays the same compared to the traditional version.

110 2009 Super Cub engine single cylinder, 4-stroke air-cooled, 110 cubic centimeters can produce maximum power at 8.2 horsepower at 7500 rpm machine reached rpm. In order to improve operational stability and fuel economy, 110 Super Cub is equipped with electronic fuel injection system helps FI advanced vehicle can operate up to 63 kilometers per liter of fuel while running at speed are 60 km / h (under standard test). Super Cub 110 with total weight at 93kg and a height of 735mm at the saddle.

In Japan, the Honda Super Cub 110 is sold at a price of ¥ 249,900 (3,286$). Meanwhile, when Vietnam, Honda Super Cub 110 property prices rather "crisis", about hon120 million.
Watching the same pictures on the Honda Super Cub 110 Vietnamese girls:

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