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SNSD snaps heartwarming photos with former basketball coach Park Seung Il

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Former basketball coach, Park Seung Il, recently shared some heartwarming pictures he took with SNSD.

Park, who’s fighting against Lou Gehrig’s disease, uploaded five pictures onto his personal webpage, ‘ALS with Park Seung Il’, under the title, ‘With my younger siblings’. The photos were from SNSD’s solo concert at Seoul’s Olympic Park Stadium, which Park attended the other day.
SNSD and Park are seen posing brightly for the camera backstage after the concert. The girls surrounded the ex-coach’s wheelchair with bright, welcoming smiles. In addition, Sooyoung took a separate picture with the ex-coach, emphasizing their closeness.
Netizens who came across these pictures commented, “I’m jealous that he got to take a picture with SNSD“, and “It’s beautiful that their friendship goes beyond their age difference“.
Sooyoung and Park Seung Il have a specially intimate bond. Sooyoung had often visited Park Seung Il at his hospital ward to root for his recovery after hearing rumors of him being a big fan of her’s. The picture of Sooyoung giving Park Seung Il a kiss on the cheeks has garnered much interest in the online community as well.
Ex-coach Park debuted in 1994 with the Kia Motors basketball team and became the youngest professional coach in 2002. However, he was diagnosed with ALS the following year and has been struggling with the disease ever since.
Source: Kuki News via Nate

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