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Jay Park would like to be on “We Got Married” with Min Hyo Rin

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Singer Jay Park revealed that he would want Min Hyo Rin as his partner on “We Got Married“.
On the July 24th episode of MBC’s “Section TV“, an interviewer visited Jay Park and Kwon Ri Sae on the set of a CF.

The interviewer asked Jay Park, “If you could be on ‘We Got Married’ like Kwon Ri Sae and David Oh, who would you want as a partner?
He answered, “I would want to be partnered with Min Hyo Rin.” Kwon Ri Sae then said, “My imaginary husband David Oh was not my ideal type. I like a masculine guy.”
The interviewer then suggested Jay Park as the masculine ideal type. Kwon Ri Sae wittily replied, “Jay Park has Min Hyo Rin.” 

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