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Top 10 The Voice Kids winners around the world

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A top 10 the voice kids winners around the whole world.

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10 - Danyiom Mesmer; Germany 0:07
9 - Ivanna García; Colombia 2:49
8 - Diogo Garcia; Portugal 4:38
7 - Carla; France 7:30
6 - Fabiënne Bergmans; Netherlands Season 1 10:28
5 - Sabina Mustaeva; Russia 12:26
4 - Ayoub Maach; Netherlands Season 3 17:09
3 - Paola Guanche; La Voz kids USA 19:07
2 - Kim Myung-ju; South Korea 20:48
1 - Laura Van Kaam Netherlands Season 2 24:10

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