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[Spoiler: My Princess] Kim Tae Hee confesses to…

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It’s the sweet confession everyone’s been waiting for! Well, almost.
On the ninth episode of MBC’s “My Princess“, ’Lee Seol‘ (Kim Tae Hee) indirectly confesses her feelings to ‘Park Hae Young‘ (Song Seung Hun).
Hae Young decides to visit Lee Seol’s mom after Lee Seol’s older sister, ‘Lee Dan‘ (Kang Ye Sol) causes a commotion in the castle. He wanted to explain the misunderstanding in the press conference, since it gave her family such a shock, but he received a shock in turn when he heard Lee Seol’s admittance of her feelings.
Since her mom wouldn’t open the door for her, Lee Seol was forced to communicate with her from outside, not knowing that Hae Young was inside listening. Sobbing, she cried out, “There are people around me who laugh at me during my hardships. But amongst those people, I like someone… He’s betrayed me and cheated me before, but my heart beats every time I’m next to him and even if I try to hate him, I can’t.
After hearing her confession, Hae Young decides to visit Lee Seol’s father’s grave in order to ask for forgiveness. He also promises to protect her.
Meanwhile, Lee Seol visits the old orphanage she was in to find the pouch that proved her lineage. However, the nun at the orphanage revealed to her that it was not Lee Seol’s, but her sister Lee Dan’s.

Source: TV Dail

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