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Kim Ah Joong prepares a buffet for 100 “Sign” staff members working over the holiday

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Actress Kim Ah Joong prepared a surprise gift for the staff of her latest drama, SBS’s “Sign“.
Knowing that everyone was running on a tight filming schedule and that no one would be able to celebrate Lunar New Year’s as a result, Kim Ah Joong ordered a delicious buffet for the 100 staff members!

Kim Ah Joon explained, “For the actors, actresses, and staff who put aside the holidays in order to prepare a good drama, I prepared a meal in turn for each person. It isn’t enough by far, but it’s something warm we could enjoy together.”
She continued by saying, “We’ve come to the midpoint of the 20-episode drama, and I wanted to emphasize the meaning of doing our best till the end.Producer Jang Han Joon who has led the production up to the 10th episode, and to all the other staff members, thank you.
A staff from the drama revealed, “It was a time to just forget about the drama for a while. All the staff members were touched by Kim Ah Joong’s kind heart, and we think we can do our best till the last episode now.
The episode aired on February 2nd ranked in 1st place with a 16.0% in viewer ratings, confirming its position as the leading drama for its timeslot on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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