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Medicine and allied of www.sensokiuh.com

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Prof. Sarak Phally (www.sensokiuh.com)
MS (France)
Cardiologist in Rhythmology (France)
Consultant Cardiologist
Head of Cardiovascular Department - SSIUH
Professor of Cardiology - International University
  Chan Sovandy
MD (Thailand)
Advanced Training in Anesthesia (BRCAT) Thailand
Head of Anesthesia, Accident and Emergency Services
Deputy Director, Technical affairs – SSIUH
Lecturer – International University
  Dr. Pok Sokha
MD (France)
 Diagnostic Radiologist and Certified Ultrasonogist
Head of Radiology and Medical Imaging Department - SSIUH
Pioneer in Neuro - Imaging and CT-Scanning 64 slice
Lecturer – International University
  Prof. Chhin Senya
MD (Russia), DTM&H (Thailand)
Certified Master Trainer HIV / AIDS (USA)
Head of Internal Medicine Department - SSIUH
Deputy Director of the Nursing Affairs
Deputy Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Pediatrics – IU
  Dr. Matela Viktoriya
MD (Russia)
Senior Child Health Consultant
Head of the Pediatrics Department - SSIUH
Pediatrician and Neonatologist
Lecturer – International University
   Dr. Tan Chan Tara
MD (Russia)
Radiologist and Ultrasonologist
 Sin Chhun Im
MD (Cambodia)
Pneumonia, infections
  Dr. Ly Makara
MD (Vietnam, Japan)
Head of Cambodia-Japan Friendship Purification Center


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