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Kara steals the stage on M! Countdown

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Alright ladies and gents, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! The five members of Kara finally return to the kpop stage on today’s M! Countdown, performing their comeback hit Lupin as well as another track from their 3rd mini album, Umbrella!
hese girls had put a halt to their booty shaking routine for their hit track Mister on music shows last October and have been very missed by the public. After shedding their cute and bubbly image, Kara took on a more mature and sexy look for their comeback with Lupin. The track is still topping charts even after a week since its release. The MV garnered even more attention from netizens as it showcased several new dance moves that seem to have outshined their beloved butt dance. For today’s stage, Kara took on two very different images, catering to several fans and their different interests. For their song Umbrella, the girls retained their cute and bubble image that netizens have fallen so hard for. When performing their explosive new track Lupin, the girls took a 180-degree transformation and got their sexy on for the performance! Nothing beats the first impression and I have to admit, Kara definitely left the right one with this comeback stage!

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