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Narsha is threatened… because of 2PM’s WooYoung?

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Brown Eyed Girls’ member Narsha revealed that she had been threatened by her friends all because of that guy from 2PM, WooYoung.

Wondering about the behind story? Go under the cut to find out!

On the last episode of ‘Sang Sang Plus Season 2,” airing on the 19th, Narsha revealed that recently her friends have threatened her. Her friends saying stuff such as, “I will reveal your graduation pictures!” She personally didn’t want to reveal it, but her friends stated, “If you don’t get 2PM’s WooYoung’s signature, then I will reveal your graduation pictures everywhere.”
More of her stories will be revealed in the last episode of ‘Sang Sang Plus’ with all the G7 ladies including, KARA’s Goo HaRa, 4minute’s HyunA, T-ara’s HyoMin, Secret’s Han SungHwa.
Nulsaranghae: If my friend knew WooYoung… wow I would do anything for that signature…

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