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Makeup for the hearing strong shopping weekend

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A little red lipstick to the lips laughing, glitter eye embarrassing sacred white skin healthy and will make you very confident steps to roam city last week, knows how to welcome eye xinh fresh look and admire.

Step 1: Use light shade all reviews pearl elected eyes.
Step 2: Using a small eye brush dab a layer of pale pink eye shadow on the eyelid.
Step 3: Using a pencil draw a line and long thin legs Monitoring mi run on.
Step 4: Then use the pen to draw eyes drawing a thin line superimposed borders lead, the end is drawing the eyes up a little bit venh.
5: Using mascara
6: Using a pencil embellishment Left eye contour, can border a bit at the sharp eye to eye more.
  Step 7: Head a little in the eyes, still less to the middle of the natural mi.
Step 8: Carefully chuốt mascara for each below.

  Eyes bright natural smoking helps you complete confidence look really fun weekend but then?

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