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Hottests are thankful to SBS Inkigayo

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2PM fans relay their gratitude to the production team of SBS Inkigayo.
2PM had their goodbye stage ending their 1st full length album on SBS Inkigayo on 17th January. They performed 2 songs ‘Tired Of Waiting’ and ‘Heartbeat’ for their goodbye stage that day.
Fans are thankful for the intro video to the group’s performance. In the video, a blank slot was left for member JaeBum in picture used in the video. We can feel the presence of leader JaeBum in the blank slot left in between members TaecYeon, JunSu, Nich Khun and WooYoung, ChanSung, JunHo.
Fans also did a chant during the goodbye performance that day which went, “We will wait, Park JaeBum. We will wait 2PM”.

With the intro video, fans commented with, “Really thankful to Inkigayo”, “Inkigayo after all! PD nim love you”, “Really touched. Thank you for always remembering.”

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