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Family Outing Season 2 says “Welcome!” to JoKwon

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Worried that you guys might not be seeing JoKwon’s craziness and hyper activity on shows after the comeback? No worries! Looks like Family Outing Season 2 sent out their greeting and JoKwon accepted!

JoKwon from the group 2AM will be joining SBS Family Outing Season 2 as the seventh member. On the 19th, a staff from Family Outing Season 2 stated that “JoKwon is confirmed to be the 7th member to be joining F.O. Season 2.”

JoKwon will be looking forward to be working with Kim WonHee, Yoon SangHyun, Ji SangRyul, Shin BongSun, TaecYeon, and Yoona. Family Outing Season 2 is to be filmed later this month.
Nulsaranghae: Family Outing Season 1 was great, but Season 2 is just going to top that with all that idol love

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