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The elegant spring type nail

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The nail samples for spring usually courteous style with bright colors, go with some type of disease tapchithoitrang.wordpress.com try to add real xinh style in new nhé!

1. Peach blossoms on the nail

- Using light pink paint over the entire second grade foundations.
- After a paint ball reviews, user need to receive the clamping Gắm small stone to face the flower nail.
- You can add a few seeds left alternative to size than to live more nail dong.Cuoi a dab with a paint ball to all face nails to complete.
2.Seven excellent rainbow

- Rate of foundation white
- In two thirds nail you scan a color containing emulsion paint nails, waiting for more paint dry can scan the ball.
3.Pink nail noble

- Rate for the nail color with pearl powder.
Third Left nails painted with pale pink felt leisure. Roads in between two colors, please attach the stones to small particles of different colors really lovely to nail to nail more charming.
Addition, you can refer to a type of nail is the upper time:
Nail flourished with spring flowers and fresh colors.

With his girlfriend preferred the personality and mature, the dark colors for the Party last year as black, dark purple red death, red is always the focal point.

  Excellent silver, pink, purple emulsion iridescent colors are always the time for the upper spring.

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