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2PM+Shinee Love Each Other

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Though usually seen as rivals, top idol boy groups 2PM & Shinee are actually good friends. Both groups gave their goodbye stages at KBS Music Bank today and came together backstage for a short interview from UEE and Shinee’s Minho. They dance to each other’s hit songs and even acknowledge that Shinee has a “cute” image while 2PM has a “tough” image… which is way true. I think fans take the whole group rivalries way out of hand sometimes. DBSK vs. Big Bang. 2PM vs. Shinee. WG vs. SNSD. Why don’t we just all be friends!

In another note, Lyn performed an amazing jazz cover of 2PM’s “Heartbeat” and “Again and Again” on Yoo Hee Yeol’s sketchbook. I love covers like these!

Lyn also performed Shinee’s hit “Ring Ding Dong”

Do you like? I like.

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