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easy can-do everyday korean fashion

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scarf1 loose dresses work only if you have NO curves. flowy thing look good on asians or stick figures only. fashion scarf is a can-do in every race/culture tho. it reminds me or middle-eastern head gear. and cowboy boots are cute even in USA. bangs are popular in korea and long hair=beautiful.

beanie1 baggy beanies are trendy, let the extra material bunch up in the lower back. popular on men too.
ruffly jean skirt can be work with tight shirt and knee socks or heels, or both. shows off chicken legs.
suspenders1 suspenders are in. so are short with pockets that make ur hips bigger but ur calves small. short cute shorts. sometimes with high rise tummy part with 4 tummy buttons in a square to look cute.
earrings1 dangly earrings are in. and so are big eyes, like white ppl, which is WEIRD cuz no asian is born like that so wtf? anyways, lots of mascarra and whatnot for longer lashes and eye shadow to fake deeper lids.
vests are in. all types: short, long, droopy, yarn, leather, zip up, sweats, hoodie.


women wear tight things to show off curves, asians wear loose things to hang off them and elongate their short bodies. it also shows off their thinness. now i know there are fat asians &/or white ppl who want to adopt asian fashion, like me, you have hips and “other” nice curves. well DO NOT wear long shirts. do not wear baggy dresses. you can wear form fitting clothes that make YOUR body shape look good along with accessories like long dangly earrings, fashion scarves, beanies and short vests. {and occasionally suspenders if ur boobs arent too huge}.
looking at this makes me hungry!
fashion/SAFETY tip :EAT HEALTHY FOOD, dont eat a whole lot but eat enough for your body to be healthy.
EXERCISE then you can eat whatever the hell u want, but i’d still avoid fast food if i were you, and avoid drugs too. [except vitamins]
and also: men like women. the 300 pound woman is MARRIED. so forget about it.

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